Salon guidelines for your first visit back❤️

Hello to all our lovely clients 🌞🌞🌞
Please see below the guidance we have to follow to keep us and you safe . Remember we are a close contact business so the procedures are stricter for businesses like us! These are guidelines which we have NO choice but to follow …. and there is a lot!! but please when you get a minute take the time to read.
Also remember that we hope as much as you that these will change over time!


– We have undertaken a thorough review and risk assessment of our salon and services

– We have rearranged the salon space to adhere to social distancing the best we can

– We will have Perspex screens between each styling station and reception

– Every surface will be cleaned regularly with sanitiser

– ALL equipment will be disinfected before and after every service

– Disposable gowns and towels will be used at all time

– We will ensure adequate ventilation through the salon with doors and windows open where possible

– We have extended opening hours and the team will be working split shifts so only 3 stylists working at one time

– The whole team will wear full PPE

– In salon consultations will be done at the styling station via the mirror to minimise face to face interaction. Whilst the stylist works on your hair there will be minimal talking ( this is one we hope will change soon ! )

– All our team members are trained to care for our customers in a safe and protective major

– There will be a small increase in colour costs if your stylist has to use more colour then you have previously required due to extra re- growth , but we will not be charging for PPE

– Appointments only , no walk ins

-Children’s cuts (under 12) will not be available through July


– All clients must wear a face covering (we have available but would rather you bring your own to bring down the risk of us disposing of them ) clients will not be able to enter unless they have a mask

– Please arrive on time for your appointment and wait outside the salon for us to bring you in

– Hand Sanitiser will be available at entrance and must be used and temperature taken

– You must come alone for your appointment we cannot accommodate children or guests

– Magazines and refreshments are not available so please bring a bottle of water and reading material if you require

– We are unable to offer blow drys for this first appointment but we hope this will change soon ( please speak to your stylist regarding this )

– We are unable to hang coats and bags up so please bring minimal belongings as these have to stay with you at all times

– We are not being rude not being our usual chatty selfs but we have to keep talking minimal , we would love nothing more to give you a hug and a good chat but as well as the safety aspect we have to run on time as best we can too

And Breath!!! … We think this covers everything. We are confident the salon with run safely and smoothly and in time things will ease too.

We have an overwhelming list of clients to get through , but we will !!! Please don’t be disappointed if your appointment is in a few weeks time , remember we can only fit a certain number of clients in per day and we only have one pair of hands , as most of you are aware we are juggling all of this whilst still having our young children off school … but with the extended hours, team work your understanding and support we will do it 💪🏻

Your Stylist will be calling so any questions you have they will be happy to answer.

P.s – is it to early for a gin ?! 💞💞

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