Hair tips and blogs galore ❤️

Hello all you lovely’s.

Happy Wednesday and lots of love, here is our weekly blog, keeping you up to date on what we have been up to. It has been a busy and exciting week for us at the Shoreham Hair Lounge.

We have had another anniversary, another year and very different to last year. Here is Michelle sharing her story with you and the history of our salon, she is also announcing last weeks winner of our review competition. So lovely to see her, thank you for sharing Michelle ❤️

Next up , we have some tips from our amazing certified Great Lengths hair extension specialist Danielle on how to manage your extensions during the lockdown, so read and take note ladies. Followed by video tutorial from Andrina on how to blow dry your hair smooth at home .

Danielle’s Great Lengths extension tips.

This is for all my Great Lengths Extension clients. Some of you may be due to have your extensions out so I have put together some dos and don’t s to help you look after and maintain your hair while you can’t get to the salon. Firstly although we recommend you don’t leave your extensions in longer than six months this won’t damage your natural hair it will just become harder to style and may need a little more t.l.c.



-Do brush regularly, using a soft bristle brush or tangle teaser, take small sections of hair row by row and brush from the scalp over the extensions to the mid lengths, being careful to tease any tangles out from the bottom lengths first.

-Do use regular conditioning treatments on the mid lengths and ends.Do loosely plait/braid your hair to help not getting tangled at night this can give your hair a break from heated tools and also gives beautiful heat free waves in the morning.

-Do separate your bonds from the root daily with your fingers this prevents matting.


-Don’t use combs on the roots when brushing these can get caught and pull on the bonds. Don’t tie your extensions up too tight, this can cause tension on your roots.

-Don’t be alarmed if you shed the odd bond this a natural process and will happen more often the longer they are in.

-Don’t use heated tools (straightening irons and tongs etc) near the bonds this will melt the bonds and cause damage.

-Most importantly do not attempt to remove your hair extensions yourself this will cause more damage than good.
Please wait for us.

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you for your new set of gorgeous Great lengths Extensions as soon as we can.
Stay safe,
Danielle ❤️ 

Andrina’s home hair frizz to smooth blow dry tutorial.

Andrina has been hairdressing for 20 years, is a cutting and colouring specialist and has been with the team for over 12 years now ❤️ 

And here is our weekly video blog, this week from our team member Gabi on what she has been up to, we love these story’s , as every member of our team are all beautifully individual and have very different story’s to tell.

Thank you Gabi for opening up to us all about your journey, Gabi has been hairdressing for 18 years now and proudly has her l’Oreal colour degree, and cant wait to get back to the salon ❤️ 

We hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and it has given you some nice ideas and tips, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We know we can’t see you face to face, but we are on the other end of the phone. And keep your eyes peeled for next weeks top tips and story’s. Lots of love for now , take care and be safe xxx

Thank you to every one who has entered the review competition so far, it just takes one review to be part of our weekly prize draw for a wash, cut and blow dry. To be in with a chance to win , we are kindly asking you, if you have some extra time now. Is to leave us a review on Facebook or Google, If you had a nice experience or want to share with us something nice about your stylist, or is there something we can change to improve the salon for when we open up back our doors. And you will be entered into our weekly draw for a wash, cut and blow dry with your regular stylist.

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