What we have been up to!

Hello all you lovely’s, how are you all doing?

So it is week five of the lockdown and it was extended this week another 3 weeks. We have been getting messages about appointments . And we understand that you must be literally wanting to pull your hair out or stick anything on it at this time. We sadly do not know when we will be opening our doors, but when we do from the government,  you will be the first to know about it. We are complying by the governments advice and recommendations to keep you and our staff healthy and fit. Please remember that we will advise you as much as we safely can, but sometimes that may just be as simple as wearing a cute headband or becoming creative with styling.

fanolaOur team are starting to create videos as we speak on how to style your hair, this is a great opportunity for you to practice at home, ready for when the lockdown is lifted and you can show off your new skills. So keep a eye out for this coming up. What we can recommend to all you blondes out there to keep you blondes cool is our favourite Fanola, which you may have seen in the salon. There are two different options, for yellow tones or orange tones. The Fanola orange is also great for brunettes to help prevent the warmth coming through. You can buy this on Amazon . Please message us if you would like more advice on how to use this or similar products .

We would love to introduce you now to Ade’s first video blog. How shiny is Ade’s hair! Ade has been working at the salon for 5 years now from beginning of her apprenticeship to becoming a valued stylist at the salon. Lovely to see her and hear her voice. She will give you the lowdown on what she has been up to. She cant wait to see you all soon too. We miss you Ade xxx


Up next we have a few lovely words from Sarah with a lovely picture collage that she put together, Sarah has been working at the salon since it opened its doors many years ago, so we are sure quite a few of you will recognise her and appreciate her letter to you. so you can see what she has been doing .

” Hi to all our lovely clients at the Shoreham Hair Lounge. So how have I been doing. Personally I have been struggling, ups and downs, every day is different for many reasons.

So I make myself busy as you just have to get on with it. First thing I do to make myself feel better is to get out of my dressing gown ASAP 🙂 I have been doing a lot of workouts online, . Really like the Joe Wicks work outs on Youtube, and the Tyson and Paris Fury videos on Instagram. I am lucky that I have a cross trainer at home, really appreciate this and I love skipping in the garden. I have also been going out with my family on lots of dog walks and cycling, we are lucky to live with nice out door space.

I have also been doing lots of Arts and Crafts with my son , which I really enjoy as I am dyslexic. I find the home schooling very hard. So we have been learning stuff that interests us and is as fun as possible. I have been learning about space , and have been making the most of our clear evenings to watch the stars and see what I have learnt. Liam loves shipwrecks so we have also been learning a lot about the Titanic and other ships.

I would really like to say thank you to all our lovely clients for your support and lovely messages so far. I cant wait to see you all again. And I really miss my work colleagues, we dont just work together, they are my best friends. So good bye for now and look forward to seeing you soon. Take care of yourself’s and your loved ones. Lots of love , Sarah xxx “

Next  up  we have Danielle’s first video blog. Danielle was very excited to share with you what she has been up to, we think she is looking great, and it was so lovely to see her face. Danielle has been with the salon for 10 years now,  is our Nr 1 hair extension specialist and is a local to Shoreham. Danielle is also announcing last weeks winner of our review competition.


Thank you again for watching and reading this weeks blog. We really appreciate your  support and feedback and obviously cant wait to open our doors to you soon again, next week we look forward to sharing our styling tips and some more blogs and announcing the next winner of our weekly competition.

To be in with a chance to win , we are kindly asking you, if you have some extra time now. Is to leave us a review on Facebook or Google, If you had a nice experience or want to share with us something nice about your stylist, or is there something we can change to improve the salon for when we open up back our doors. And you will be entered into our weekly draw for a wash, cut and blow dry with your regular stylist.

Lots of love from your Shoreham Hair Lounge Team xxx

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